Plunder Castle is a grim and towering building above a lonely lagoon. It was the Plunderer's headquarters, where he kept prisoners his brother Ka-Zar and Daredevil, after kidnapping them in the Savage Land. Eventually, they both escaped from the castle, but Feepers, the Plunderer's butler, alerted his secret organization to seize Ka-Zar's Anti-Metal medallion[1].
When his brother was eventually imprisoned for piracy, Ka-Zar inherited Plunder Castle. Accused of terrorizing the countryside with his saber-tooth tiger Zabu, Lord Kevin Plunder barricaded himself within his castle, until Daredevil came to his help and managed to find the Plunderer, who was the real "midnight stalker", hidden in a submarine beneath the castle. The two heroes defeated him and turned him over to the authorities[2].

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