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Pluto is located in the outer reaches of the Solar system and is the furthest known mass in our solar system known to man. It was classified as a planet by Earth scientists since its discovery in 1930, however after decades of study it was demoted to the class of "dwarf planet" in 2011.

Over the years many a number of alien species have claimed to come from Pluto, however as many other aliens who have claimed to have come from other planets in the Sol system have later been revealed as coming from other galaxies and using their respective planets as staging grounds for invasions of Earth, it is likely that with any race claiming to be Plutonians are doing likewise.


20th Century

A group calling themselves the Fatalists came to Earth in 1955 claiming that they were from Pluto. They were supposedly ruled by a king who ruled the dwarf planet. They were sent to Earth to try and sell death-rays to a government of Earth willing to participate in their attempts of conquering the Earth. They were defeated by the Sub-Mariner and apparently pulled back to Pluto for punishment.[1]

Modern Age

The enemies of the Kallusians rocketed hyper-sensitive robot detectors, to seek out the ones in hiding. One such detector entered our solar system, passing over the icy mountains of Pluto and continuing its fateful course towards Earth.[2]


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