In the 31st century of Earth-691, the twin worlds of Pluto-Charon were home to a race that was developed by techno-barons' genetic engineering to breed a sub-species of humans to colonize Pluto.[1]

In the year 3,000 Pluvians joined other colonies in the Milky Way system to become partners in a United Federation. The Pluvians, as well as other members of the United Federation, were savagely attacked and conquered by the Badoon in the year 3,007.[1]

Martinex T'Naga, last known survivor of Pluto, escaped his world through the inter-colony teleporters along with Charlie-27, the last known Jovian.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Resistant to heat and cold, thermokinesis

Average Strength level

Greater than normal humans


Habitat: Near absolute zero temperatures
Gravity: Lower than Earth-standard


Representatives: Martinex

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