Quote1 The Pn'zo... we do not know if that is its race or name. Its abilities.. we simply do not understand them. Quote2
-- Oracle src

A criminal captured by the Shi'ar whilst robbing a bank, it was released and recruited by Vulcan into his Imperial Guard. However once Pn'zo injured Marvel Girl (when she had lost her connection to the Phoenix Force), Korvus responded by slicing Pn'zo in half with the Phoenix Blade.

He was somehow repaired and healed and assisted Blastaar's army alongside Xenith and the other Prateorians on Kree-Lar, against the Nova Corps and Ravenous

The Praetorians were captured there by Nova Prime and imprisoned on Nu-Xandar for their war crimes against their Nova Corps prisoners.

When Ego took back control of himself, Pn'zo was transferred to Zan Philo's Corps starship Resolute Duty.


Electrokinesis: An electrical/mechanical being by nature, Pn'zo possesses the ability to generate and manipulate electricity to an unknown degree.

He has been seen to utilize his electrical powers in the following ways;

  • Electrical Blasts: Pn'zo can emit blasts of electricity, the intensity of these blasts is unknown.
  • Electric Shields: Pn'zo can create protective electric bubbles.

Mechanical Tentacles: Pn'zo possesses mechanical tentacles that he uses to hold opponents while giving them electrical shocks.

Teleportation: Pn'zo appears to be capable of teleportation, by creating an electric bubble which somehow enables him to teleport.[1]


  • Greed: Pn'zo is motivated purely by money, which can used against him or can place him in harms way.[2]

  • It's unknown if "Pn'zo" is the name of the entity or the name of his race.
  • If Pn'zo was truly killed by Korvus is unknown, as it appears to be an electrical/mechanical being by nature and thus possibly could have survived.
  • Pn'zo seems to be purely motivated by money, he was even willing to sell the Phoenix Blade.

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  1. In X-Men: Kingbreaker #2 he teleported himself, God-Killer, ZZZXX and Xenith away from the blast radius of The Hodinn's supernova
  2. In X-Men: Kingbreaker #2 he is arrested whilst robing a bank and in X-Men: Kingbreaker #4 he's desire to be paid for killing the Starjammers (in this case Rachel Summers) lead to his death

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