Quote1 You're right, bigger fish to fry at the moment. And you know me... Pockets loves frying fish! Quote2
-- Pockets Possum src

Pockets Possum works with his partner Shrub as couriers. One day Groot hired Pockets Postal to deliver him to Lord Rakzoon.[2] Upon making the delivery, Pockets and Shrub were accused of being thieves and thrown in Lord Rakzoon's torture dungeon.[3]

After making a deal with the imprisoned former dictator of the planet, High Ruler Nosaj, both Pockets and Shrub tried to have Rocket and Groot killed; however, their plan backfired after their squabbling caused Nosaj to decided to have all four killed instead. The quartet escaped the palace, but Pockets still held resentment towards Rocket for imprisoning them, and almost getting them killed. Rocket responded by stealing Pockets' ship, leaving Pockets and Shrub stranded, for which the possum vowed revenge against Rocket.[1]

Pocket's personality is very similar to that of Rocket Raccoon, not much is known about him, but he does share Rocket's hotheadedness and fast planning capabilities, placing them at odds with each other as each figures they're the best at what they do. He also speaks of himself regularly in the third person.[4]


  • Possum Physiology: Pockets possesses the same enhanced abilities and characteristics attributed to Earth possums, including enhanced senses such as keen nocturnal vision, a high degree of intelligence, and a prehensile tail.[4]


  • Pilot: Pockets is a competent starship pilot.[3]
  • Escapist: Pockets can get out of imprisonment relatively easily.[1]
  • Master Tactician and Strategist: Pockets is an accomplished strategist who can think fast and make plans quickly.[1]




Pockets' spaceship

  • Pockets and Rocket have an adversarial relationship, most of which presumably stems from their similarities.[1]

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