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The Pogo Plane was the Fantastic Four's original long-range vehicle.


This Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft is capable of swift intercontinental flights. Unlike the Fantasti-Cars, the Pogo Plane has ample cargo room. The Flying Bathtub was designed to fit easily within the aft cargo compartment. The Pogo-Plane could land in any soil condition; special landing gear kept it upright no matter how much the terrain leaned. While the Pogo-Plane was primarily jet powered, it had a back-up rocket system that enabled it to make limited space flights. The Pogo-Plane had a maximum airspeed of 600 mph and a range of 15,000 miles.

More modern versions of the Pogo Plane have been used by the Fantastic Four. Similarly, the Fantasti-Car MK II can also be safely transported by the Pogo Plane.[1]


  • The Fantastic Four's Pogo Plane was based on the Convair XFY Pogo, which flew between 1954 and 1956.

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