Poison Arrow was a Native American warrior who lived during the days of the American Frontier. He had taken to using poisoned tipped arrows as weapons. He sought to take control of a local Apache tribe led by Wampu, in order to go to war against white settlers in the area and retake the lands of his people. Seeking the Apache Kid as the only threat to his plans, he convinced Wampu that he was a messenger from the gods and ordered the Apaches to place the Apache Kid atop a mountain to be consumed by the vicious eagles that lived there. The Apache Kid promised to stay atop the mountain as per the decree of his people, but quickly changed into his alter-ego of Aloysius Kare and followed Wampu on his rendezvous with Poison Arrow.

Spotting Aloysius Kare, Poison Arrow attacked both men, striking Wampu with a poisoned arrow. Kare sent Wampu back to the Apache camp for medical attention on his horse Nightwind. He then changed back into the Apache Kid and battled Poison Arrow, however was forced to flee when the Apaches arrived knowing that they would kill him for defying their orders. Poison Arrow then convinced the Apaches that the Apache Kid was still alive and led them after the hero only to find Aloysius Kare who defused to stand aside and let them pass. Poison Arrow fired on of his poisonous arrows at the cowboy who easily shot it out of the air. Kare then threw Poison Arrow from his horse, who ironically landed on the tip of his own poisoned arrow.

Facing death, Poison Arrow broke and confessed his entire plan in exchange for immediate medical attention and surrendered, he was then turned over to the authorities to face justice for his crimes. His subsequent fate is unknown.



Poison Arrow primarily used a bow and arrow. His arrows were coated in an unspecified poison that was fatal but was treatable provided those who were exposed to the poison were given medical treatment right away.


Poison Arrow rode a horse.

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