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The Devourer of Souls teleported to the southern Aquilonian province of Poitain to seduce the most beautiful and unspoiled maiden in the western kingdoms and sacrifice her unto Xuthl. He created a mortal vessel for himself called Acheron, hiding the Devourer’s body in a sepulcher beneath the manor he had taken possession of. Meeting Count Trocero, Baron of the province of Poitain, Acheron was presented to Trocero’s daughter Sephra. Over the next few weeks Acheron began his seduction of Sephra, proceeding apace with the girl falling in love with the Devourer’s human guise; however, the Devourer soon discovered himself falling in love with the girl as well. Sephra’s father refused to allow her to see Acheron any longer. Serphra then snuck out of her father’s castle and met with Acheron, who was debating abandoning his life as the Devourer altogether. Just as they revealed their feelings to one another, Xuthl blasted the girl into a blackened skeleton and charred meat, driving the Devourer insane. Acheron took an axe from the wall and proceeded down into the crypt, fully intending to slay his demonic half and sever his ties with his dark past forever. Conan and his allies arrived at the manor outside and battled their way through an army of skeletal warriors. They made their way to the catacombs beneath the manor, while Conan and the mentally unbalanced Devourer squared off in a titanic battle that carried them across worlds.[1]

After he was crowned King of Aquilonia, Conan returned to Poitain with Publio to visit Trocero and his new bride Evlena, whom he helped get rid of a cursed ring, which was forcing her to attempt assassinating her husband. Conan eventually turned the ring against her former suitor, Rovlok, who gave it to Evlena, jealous of her relationship with Trocero. Rovlok was then killed by a summoned mist-like demon.[2]


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