Poker Face (Earth-616) from Strange Tales of the Unusual Vol 1 7 001

Poker Face first arrived on Earth after landing in Russia. The Red Army, sensing a threat, attacked him, but Poker Face choose to simply ignore them and began to inspect the nearby terrain. After a while he returned to his ship. Later that same day he arrived in India where he again inspected the local terrain.

Poker Face would later visit many other countries around the world, examining the land in each and ignoring any and all attempts at communication. Eventually he arrived in New York City to a stunned populace. The citizens of New York quickly got bored and left. Poker Face left shortly afterwards.

Arriving in the Mojave Desert he began examining the surrounding land when he was confronted by a prospector that accused him of trying to steal his land and the gold that was on it. Speaking for the first time since landing on Earth Poker Face simply scoffed at the accusation, stating that he is looking for Atrion, a metal far more precious than gold.

He then told the prospector that his claim to the land is no good because he in fact owns the Earth, explaining that he came into possession of it after winning it in a game of Zanda, a card game which he described as being the equivalent of Poker on his home planet.

Poker Face then left Earth for good after being unable to find any Atrion.[1]


Invulnerability: Poker Face is incredibly durable, being "invincible to all military weapons".[1]

The alien was never actually called "Poker Face" in his one and only appearance and was only referred to as such in the story title.

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