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Flag of Poland

Flag of Poland

Poland, officially the Republic of Poland (Rzeczpospolita Polska), is a country in Central Europe. Its capital and largest city is Warsaw.[1]


In 966 AD, Poland came into existence as a state.[1] In 1025 AD, it became Kingdom of Poland.[1] In 1569 AD, Poland merged with Lithuania to establish the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, a major power in Europe. [1] In 1795 AD, Poland was partitioned among Prussia, Russia and Austria.[1]

20th Century[]

World War I[]

In 1918, an independent Polish state was restored.[1]

World War II[]

In 1939, Poland was quickly conquered and occupied by Nazi Germany.[1]

The Nazis built one of their many Konzentrationslager (Concentration camps) to gather their prisoners -especially Jewish people, Roma and Sinti, members of religious groups or homosexual people. The Vernichtungslager (Extermination camp) Auschwitz II-Birkenau was created by Heinrich Himmler to annihilate the Jewish race in Europe. Between 1942 and 1944 trains with captives from all over Europe, found their final destination at Auschwitz where the motto "Arbeit macht frei" ("Work makes free") stood above the gates. One of their prisoners was Max Eisenhardt, who should become the mutant leader Magneto some time later.[citation needed]

According to one source, during the invasion of Poland the Vision came to the rescue of Baron Pavlek and his wife, rescuing them from the Baron's brother Felix Pavlek who had joined with the Nazis.[2] However, this encounter contradicts the fact that the Vision did not first appear on Earth until 1940, and could be false.[3] Also early on the war, the town of Grybow was visited by the American hero known as the Angel (Thomas Halloway) who clashed with Nazi forces, liberating the town.[4] Over the years during the war, Poland was a battle ground between Nazi and Russian forces who sought to claim the territory, leading to massive Polish casualties by both factions and the near eradication of their entire culture. Most notoriously, the Nazis set up a series of concentration camps in Poland where the exterminated Poland's Jewish population.[citation needed] In 1942, Logan spent time in the Sobibor extermination camp.[5] In 1944, Nazi operatives led by General Blauheim and scientist Von Fleagle discovered a rare element that could be developed into a powerful explosive in the town of Lwow. They put slaves to work to mine the material. But these activities were soon learned by the American authorities who dispatched the Human Torch and Toro to destroy the mine.[6] Resistance forces in Warsaw rose up against their occupiers that year.[1] Poland was eventually liberated thanks to the Allied Forces who fought against the Nazis in May 1945.

Cold War[]

After the war, the country was occupied by the USSR.

Poland regained its independence in 1989, and its struggle against the USSR was instrumental in its collapse.[1]

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