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Polaria is one of the six Eternal Cities[1] of Earth and is located above the Arctic Circle[2] in what is now Siberia in Russia.[3][4] The Eternals who live there are known as the Polar Eternals.[5]

Polaria is known as the Second City of the Eternals of Earth and is the rival of Olympia.[6]

500,000 years ago,[7] after the fall of Titanos, the first city and original capital of the Eternals, Olympia and Polaria began a long struggle to become the new capital of Eternal society. This has contributed to the fact that the inhabitants of these cities don't like each other. Attempts that have been made to bring the two great Eternal cities closer together, often by exchanging individuals, have mostly led to an avoidance of open war.[2]

Recently, the entire population of Polaria was resurrected[4] after they, like almost all of the Eternals on Earth, had either killed each other or themselves.[8] Soon afterwards, Thanos travelled to Polaria where he killed sixteen of the twenty-three residents, including Supreme Leader Valkin, the High Command and all of the tech staff, making Druig the ruler of Polaria.[6] After Thena and Kingo Sunen arrived to investigate, Thanos struck again, killing Akpaxa and trying to kill Druig before being forced to flee. However, once Thena and Kingo had left, Thanos returned in response to an offer of an alliance that Druig had secretly made to him.[2]



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