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Polemachus was the homeworld of Arkon the Magnificent, governed by the glory of combat. It occupied the same space as Earth, but slightly out of phase, so the two worlds were unaware of each other's existence. The only source of light on Polemachus was the glowing rings that encircled the planet.[1]

Modern Age[]

The people of the Realm of Polemachus developed a culture that glorified warfare, and Arkon succeeded in becoming the greatest warrior of his people. Appointed Imperion or ruler of the largest country on Polemachus, Arkon mounted military campaigns against neighboring countries in an effort to conquer the world. His dreams were forgotten when Polemachus was faced with a worldwide catastrophe in that the light-and-heat-providing planetary rings were disintegrating. Arkon's scientists determined that atomic explosions occurring on Earth somehow were extra-dimensionally translated to rekindle the energy rings for about a year. Although Polemachus had not developed nuclear weaponry, the scientists predicted that if they were to atomically annihilate the Earth, their world's energy-rings would be restored to power.

Toward this goal, Arkon manipulated the Scarlet Witch into reciting a magical spell found in a Polemachian book to enable Arkon to transport himself to Earth. Attracted to the Scarlet Witch and intending to marry her, Arkon kidnapped her, as well as Toad, and a group of atomic scientists.[1]

The scientists were forced to construct an atomic device. Before Arkon could detonate it on Earth; however, the Avengers managed to arrive on Polemachus and defeat Arkon's armies. Iron Man and Thor eventually were able to rekindle Polemachus' energy-rings via a super device devised by Stark, and Arkon ceased hostilities with Earth.[2]

Some time later, the Black Knight appeared on Polemachus with his horse Aragorn, only to be attacked and captured by Arkon, who brought him before his new consort: the Enchantress. After using her powers of seduction in order to manipulate the Black Knight, she transported the whole Avengers Mansion there, where the team was captured and taken before the Enchantress and Arkon. Freed by Thor and the Black Panther, the Avengers ended up in a pitched battle with Arkon, the Enchantress, and the Black Knight, who was still under the Enchantress' spell. During the battle one of Arkon's Battle-Bolts knocked the Black Knight's Ebony Blade into the enchanted well that was said to be able to destroy his sword. The battle was soon ended when Arkon realized that the Enchantress had lied to him; however, she managed to escape. Soon after the Avengers left Arkon to transport themselves back home.[3]

Secret Wars[]

When the universe was destroyed due to incursions, Polemachus became part of Battleworld, a patchwork planet created by God Emperor Doom after the Multiverse collapsed, in the domain of Weirdworld, a floating island composed of fragments of many alternate reality magical realms.[4]

Arkon found himself there and started looking for Polemachus while traveling throughout Weirdworld.[5] It was later revealed that Polemachus was underneath Weirdworld,[6] and after falling over the edge, Arkon finally discovered that Polemachus was indeed the underside of this new Weirdworld, before he was saved from certain death by the Swamp Queen and her Man-Thing Army.

When God Emperor Doom was defeated, Battleworld splintered and the new Weirdworld became part of Prime Earth where it appeared as an anomalous continent in the Bermuda Triangle.[7]

Alternate Realities[]


In the alternate reality of Earth-10081, Polemachus was destroyed by the extradimensional being Krona.[8]

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