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Illicit recreational drug synthesized from Flowers of Krakoa
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Pollen was an illicit recreational street drug synthesized from Flowers of Krakoa. When ingested orally, Pollen generally granted users with an exalted feeling like they are twice as smart and twice as strong. Long-term and/or excessive use appears to result in death.[1]


Not long after the Hellfire Trading Company began exporting Flowers of Krakoa to allied nations, the recreational street drug known as Pollen became available. Synthesized from the Flowers of Krakoa, there are several versions available worldwide, but all forms of Pollen appear to granted users with a short-term exalted feeling like they are twice as smart and twice as strong. Pollen use quickly became an international epidemic. Most of the worldwide Pollen trade was violently controlled by Flower Cartel.[1]

The Order of X used Pollen as part of their quasi-religious ceremony, hoping to become a new hybrid species between human and mutant.[1]

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