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The Poppupians are the race of beings who spawned the Impossible Man. They lived in the tenth galaxy. The Poppupians can change into anything by merely thinking about it, thus saving themselves from the vicious Urrpo fish who live there. They can change into spaceships and fly to any planet they want.[citation needed]

In one such case the Impossible Man flew to Earth to see if it was a good vacation spot. He knew none of our customs and caused much panic until Reed Richards said to simply ignore him and he left. When Galactus consumed their world after they had infused their essences into the far-away Impossible Man, they nearly killed Galactus with indigestion.[1]

Alternate Realities[]

Earth-295 - Age of Apocalypse[]

The Poppupians sent their ambassador the Impossible Man to Earth. He made the mistake of asking to be taken to the planet's leader. This leader happened to be the mad mutant Apocalypse who turned Impossible Man over to the Dark Beast for experimentation. When the X-Man Blink came across the Impossible Man, she blinked him away to put him out of his misery.[2]

Earth-9997 - Earth X[]

When telling to Isaac Christians of the Dire Wraiths exiled by the Spaceknights in Limbo, Kyle Richmond wondered why the attempts of otherworldly invasion were always by shapeshifting races as the Skrulls, the Impossible Men, or the Brood.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Shape-shifters who can assume virtually any form within a certain range of mass. They can levitate and traverse space without starships.



Same as Earth


Same as Earth (even though they can breath on every planet and in deep space)


Type of Government

Benign anarchy

Level of Technology



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