Quote1.png I'd like to smell roses one last time. Is that weird? Quote2.png
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Pork Grind was a student of Toon U, where he learned how to fight cartoon style. After bonding with a klyntar, he was hired by Negative Forbush-Man to act as Spider-Ham's evil doppelganger. The two fought and Spider-Ham defeated his twin.

After being teleported to Earth, Pork Grind was captured by the Sinister Six. He was rescued by the Spider-Men, who recruited him into their ranks.

Under the control of his symbiote, Pork Grind joined The Symbiotes and was apprehended by the Elite Counter-Symbiote Squad.[1]


Seemingly those of the Eddie Brock of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Pork Grind of Earth-8311.

  • He originally had no ties to the Klyntar, but this was later retconned.[1]

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