Porky Potter was a mobster who was active in the 1940s, his nickname coming from the fact that his nose resembled that of a pig's. In 1947, Dr. Fen, the president of Tibet was visiting the United States with one million dollars worth of diamonds he intended to use to purchase modern American clothing for the women of Tibet. Learning of this, Porky Potter planted one of his female gang members named Nicki as Fen's American guide. After Fen arrived, Potter and his gang broke into the Tibetan Consulate and attempted to rob the diamonds, but learned that their location was entrusted to Fen's pilot Jack Barton. Just then, Barton and the Blonde Phantom came calling forcing Porky to flee with Dr. Fen as his prisoner. Nicki, feigning innocence led them into a trap at the waterfront dive called Gable's Pier. There Jack was roughed up for the location of the diamonds and Blonde Phantom was seemingly executed on the pier by Nicki.

However, in doing so, Nicki lost her expensive $50 orchid and insisted that Porky and the gang stop at a florist shop along the way to get a new one. There the Blonde Phantom was waiting for them and the police. While Blonde Phantom apprehended Nicki, the police rounded up the rest of the gang. During the bust, Porky Potter was gunned down by police.[1]


Potter carried a pistol and a knife.

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