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Portland is the biggest city in the state of Oregon. Portland's location has access to the Pacific Ocean via the Columbia river. For a time Peter Parker lived in Portland and worked at GARID Labs.[1]

Alternate realities[]

Earth-46421 from Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration Vol 1 1

the Portland Avengers

On Earth-46421, Portland had its own team of Avengers.[2]

Portland (Oregon) from Captain America II Death Too Soon 001

Portland (Earth-600043)

In Earth-600043, international terrorist General Miguel smuggled drugs for his weapon research project from Ecuador to the Portland Harbor Terminal. He then released a chemical that sped the aging of the inhabitants of Portland, and then blackmailed the government for one billion dollars for the antidote. Miguel offered a sample of the antidote and Dr. Wendy Day traveled to Portland, infecting herself, to test it. The antidote was operative, but there were not enough doses. Fortunately, Captain America defeated Miguel and obtained his supply of the antidote. He distributed it on Portland in the same way Miguel had distributed the poison: Spraying it from a plane.[3]



  • Incorporated: Febuary 8, 1851
  • Mayor: Tom Potter

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