Portugal officially the Portuguese Republic is a country on the Iberian Peninsula of Europe.


In 1939, freight captain Barney Mullen collected a load of gold bullion for Portugal to ship to the Netherlands[1].

In Sintra, Portugal, a group of Supersoldiers were lead Captain America. An argument ensued in which Maurice "Fauntl'roy" Canfield wounded Isaiah Bradley, killed Sgt. Luke Evans, and was shot to death by Pvt. Phillip Merritt. Bradley recovered in a secret U.S.-controlled hospital and was informed that he alone would have to carry out their mission to destroy a German concentration camp [2]

Modern Era

Matt Murdock traveled to Lisbon to find the lawyer he thought was responsible for Foggy Nelson's death to be dead himself; he tangled with Tombstone, whom he thinks has captured Lily Lucca, and followeds the pair to Paris, where the mystery surrounding the death of Foggy Nelson only deepened.[3]



The Vanisher was found and shot by Steven Lang in his Monsanto, Portugal safehouse.[6]

X-Force battled a giant war worm on the streets of Lisbon. Colossus was able to take it down using brute force.[7]

S.H.I.E.L.D hunted for Mister Hyde in an abandoned fortress off the coast of Portugal.[8]

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