Quote1 You command the storm... but all the power of the ocean is Poseidon's to command. Quote2
-- Poseidon src

Poseidon is one of the Olympians, a group of deities. His race once held the power of life and death over humanity. But in time humans became masters of their world and turned from the old gods. They are now nearly forgotten.[1]

In the Mediterranean Sea, Professor Malcolm was diving in search archaeological artifacts. He discovered an ancient statue and took it, unaware that the statue belonged to Poseidon. Poseidon immediately caused a storm, but the thief escaped. He then placed a curse on the man, bad lack would follow him as long as he held the statue. Professor Malcolm, the "thief", experienced bad luck indeed. His wife left him, his father died, and his funding was cut off. He blamed the statue and decided to return it to the sea, booking passage aboard the Arabian Princess, a ship sailing from New York City to Cairo. Unfortunately for him, the sea was Poseidon's domain and the god now had a chance to kill him. He did it by crushing the ship. [1]

While most of the Arabian Princess' passengers perished, Malcolm's young daughter Ororo survived. She was rescued by the Amazons of Themiscyra and raised as one of their own children. Poseidon still held a grudge. Twenty-five years following the sinking of the Arabian Princess, Poseidon confronted Ororo with the intent of killing her. [1]

Ororo convinced Poseidon that he was a fool, since Malcolm was not a thief after all. He was a scholar who wanted to inform his fellow humans about their deeds and works, rescuing them from oblivion. Poseidon realized that he was in the wrong. He released Ororo. She was not entirely happy, since Poseidon would offer no true penance and suffer no punishment for the slaughter of over a thousand innocent humans. She suspected that Poseidon's temper would soon cause him to return to his old ways. He admitted that it was a possibility. Ororo lect, hoping that her little victory over a god would put to rest the ghosts of her parents and over a thousand other victims. [1]


  • Poseidon has the power to manipulate the weather. He turned a gentle breeze into a raging hurricane. His weather manipulation powers' surpass those of Ororo of Themiscyra. [1]

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