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The Positpeople are a species of aliens who live in Earth's moon that are unique to Earth-5391, a reality where the Moon can support life and technology has taken great leaps since the late 20th century. They lived on the bright side of the moon opposite the Neganatives another similar race that lived on the dark side. Both sides were tricked into a war against each other when the evil Saturnians who unleashed Lunanimals in both cities so that they would blame each other. As expected the Neganatives and Positpeople went to war with one another, and the Saturnians held back waiting for both sides to wipe each other out so they could colonize the moon. Their plot was uncovered by the Space Sentinels leader Speed Cater and his sidekick Johnny Day when they were shot down on the moon by the Saturnians. They exposed the plot and helped foster peace between the two warring groups[1].

Powers and Abilities


The Positpeople have the power to discharge electrical volts from their fingers.



Moon standard




Level of Technology

The exact extent of their technological abilities are unknown, they do appear to have advanced weaponry such as electric rifles and artillery cannons.

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