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Domino had been on many different teams including X-Force, the X-Men, and Six Pack, but she eventually decided to start her own mercenary group full of people she liked. Her first recruit was Diamondback, which meant they had stealth and impact covered, but still lacked muscle.

Meanwhile, Domino and Diamondback were hired to retrieve Sentinels tech which had been stolen by Professor Salvage who had hired Outlaw to be his bodyguard. When they entered the local saloon, they found Outlaw, who had just won a big bar fight, and when Domino and Diamondback saw this, they decided it would be a good idea to add her to their team. The meeting between them did not start very well and resulted in a fight, but despite this rough start, they finally got her to listen to them. Shortly after explaining to Outlaw that Professor Salvage was anti-mutant, he decided to attack the saloon with a murder sport utility vehicle. It was then that Outlaw joined the posse and went on to battle against Professor Salvage with them.[1]



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