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Post-Hyborian Cataclysm
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Post-Hyborian Cataclysm
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"terrible convulson of the Earth"[1]
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The post-Hyborian cataclysm occurred in 8,000 BC.[2][3][4]


The cataclysm leveled much of Earth's society and further reshaped its land masses:[2]

The territory around the Inland Sea, which later became known as the Caspian Sea, remained largely unaffected.[1]

Afterward, champions and menaces emerged throughout the world.[2]


  • The story "The Kingdom Beneath the Sea" (Namora #1) depicts the sinking of the island of Mu as occurring ten thousand years ago.[5] While it is known that Mu sank during the Great Cataclysm that sank Atlantis (circa 18,000 BC), two explanations are possible:
    • An error on the date. Similarly, the Great Cataclysm is sometimes erroneously stated to happen circa 10,000 BC.[6]
    • The post-Hyborian cataclysm occurred between 9,500[1] and 8,000 BC,[2][3][4] and could fit for a second major cataclysm hitting Mu (who would have partially resisted the Great Cataclysm, or developed back after it).


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