Powell McTeague's Welsh father was an Elvish Denyri, his Jewish mother a dark sister of the Kaballah, which caused him to develop very powerful occult talents and abilities. He tried to use these abilities to ensure the survival of mankind against an encroaching darkness. A darkness which turned out to be the organization, ICON.[1]

McTeague was first sent to Nick Fury by General Hill in order to inform the Colonel of an unofficial mission to Latveria. Fury initially mistakes McTeague for an assassin and attacks him before giving him a chance to explain himself. Upon hearing that General Hill sent him, however, Fury began to believe him. As Fury traveled to Latveria, McTeague gathered together the rest of the Avengers to get them ready for work before teleporting them to a ship in the South China Sea.[2] This ship belonged to Baron Blood and Brain Drain, but before either could be captured, they were teleported away by Geoffrey Sydenham.[3]

McTeague continued to accompany the Avengers as they attempted to find out who was behind ICON and what their endgame was. This included capturing the Ubermadshen and interrogating them,[3], raiding their Madripoor mansion headquarters,[1], travelling to Wakanda to stop an ICON assault on that African nation and then travelling to Washington D.C. to stop Sydenham himself.[4] After this Fury and McTeague both apparently played some role in creating a channel between the United States and the Wakandan scientific community.[4].


Powell McTeague possesses a number of occult abilities including teleportation of himself and others, creating magical chains and firing magical energy.

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