Doctor Doom had once stolen the Power Cosmic from the Silver Surfer and used him himself, only to lose it afterward.[1] Understanding the offensive value of the Power Cosmic, Doom devoted efforts to artificially replicate it with technology.[2] Doom ordered scientist Gert Hauptmann to create such a device, with the intent of, once again, using it to empower himself. Hauptmann created the device in Castle Doom, Latveria, and eagerly summoned his master to test it in a real human subject - Doom himself.[3]

Doom had previously killed Hauptmann's brother Gustav,[4] a deed that Hauptmann had not forgiven, nor Doom forgotten. Hauptmann's machine was perfect, it would indeed create the power cosmic and infuse it in a living subject. However, the Power Cosmic was too much to be contained in a mere human body[3] - at least without someone like Galactus controlling the process -[5] and would immediately carbonize the subject. Hauptmann intended to trick Doom to his machine, but Doom foresaw this and instead pushed Hauptmann there, mockingly speaking of how Hauptmann was more worthy than Doom. Hauptmann tried to protest and escape, but he was carbonized, leaving only his glasses intact. Doom's Servo-Guard escort was distraught at the risk.[3]

Doom then looked for another subject, someone who was powerful enough to hold the Power Cosmic and at the same time naïve enough for Doom to manipulate him. Doom recruited the alien Tyros the Terrible,[3] who had been Galactus' Herald until he lost his powers,[6] and submitted him to the machine. Two Servo-Guards checked everything, as Doom feared that Tyros may be driven mad by the process.[3]

Doom also provided Tyros with a Techno-Suit to channel and control the energies, and with a Sky-Sled to travel. Doom failed to mention that the Power Cosmic was quickly consuming Tyros and the Suit was delaying his final demise - the Machine was unable to protect the subject from this, and Doom anyway intended to use Tyros and quickly dispose of him.[3] Indeed, mere hours later, Tyros was consumed by the Power Cosmic while confronting the Silver Surfer.[2]


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