The power dampener is a metalic hedgear that Doctor Doom designed to cancel a prisoner's mental or psionic powers. It was far from perfect: While the dampener reduced mental powers of a captive, it could never totally cancel a power, but only leave the power at a minimum level.[1] The dampener did not prevent the detainee from speaking or seeing, as it only covered the upper head.[2] Doom built only one dampener and kept it in Castle Doom.[1]

Power Dampener, Susan Storm (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 197

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Doom once used the dampener on a bound Invisible Girl. He had also captured her teammates of the Fantastic Four, placing it on a specialized cage - the Human Torch in a Liquid Prison and the Thing on a Power Compressor while Mr. Fantastic went on a dangerous mission for Doom's purposes. Doom meanwhile explained the Invisible Girl and his other hostages his plot to abdicate in favour of his supposed son, commemorating the event with a statue of himself for the United Nations. While he went on, he and the Fantastic Four could see through a monitor how Mr. Fantastic fell to his supposed death; and not even the shock of her husband's death was enough for the Invisible Girl to overcome the restriction of the dampener.[2]

Doom later replaced the dampener on the Invisible Girl with an Electronic Shackle to take her to a Power Transference Machine.[3] Doom kept the dampener at Castle Doom, apparently never duplicating it.[1]


  • Machines of Doom says that Doom had used a power dampener to neutralize the Invisible Woman's powers. However, at that point, Susan Storm went by the alias Invisible Girl.
  • Machines of Doom also presents a captioned image of a dampener on page 34. It is also reproduced on page 48, just before the page describing the dampener.

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