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Surge grasping Hellions wrist using her mark III Power Gauntlets


Surge's (Nori Ashida) mutant abilities cause her to constantly absorb ambient electricity. When this electricity builds up to dangerous levels, it can negatively affect her cognitive process and result in uncontrolled electrical discharges. This was somewhat regulated with the use of illicit drugs (most likely CNS depressants or mild sedatives).[1]

Mark I

To prevent the adverse effects of her mutant powers, Beast and Forge designed these special devices to help regulate Surge's power flow. When she reached a full charge, she could safely channel the energy.[2]

Surge used the Power Gauntlets mark I, which only covered her hands and had large dials jutting out, for only a short while; possibly because they were prototypes.[3]

Mark II

Before the beginning of the next semester, Surge switched to the Power Gauntlets mark II, which were much larger, covered her entire forearms and were reportedly heavy.[4]

Mark III

Finally, after M-Day, Forge designed the sleeker Power Gauntlets mark III. Though they still covered her entire forearms, they are a much lighter weight.[5] Surge has continued to use the mark III Power Gauntlets until the present time.


Surge can also contact Forge, as all his creations are connected and "talk to each other".[6]


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