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  • Giant Laser Drill


Synopsis for "Earthshock!"

Hired by Amanda Sheridan to find her daughter and stop Moses Magnum, the man responsible for killing her grandfather, Luke travels to Tokyo, Japan to meet up with Amadna's daughter Samantha. Before he arrives, agent of Moses Magnum attack, but Luke arrives in time to fight them off. However Magnum himself arrives and knocks the two out with his knock out gas and takes them prisoner.

Moses takes them on a plane to his base located on the Japanese island of Katsyu Shima, where he hopes to uses Samantha's expertise to use a laser drill to bore into the Earth and take advantage of the mineral worth in the Earth's core. However, Samantha's research shows that to do so would cause all the fault lines along the Pacific Rim to collapse like dominoes. Along the way, Moses dumps Luke out of the plane.

Luke survives the fall and manages to swim to Magnum's base, and sneak his way inside. Freeing Samantha, the two take on Moses and during the fight against Luke, Magnum's guards manage to injure Samantha. During Luke's continued battle with Magnum, a giant earthquake strikes. This causes Magnum and his laser drill to fall into the drilling site and seemingly perishes in the resulting explosion that destroys the base. Meanwhile, Luke and Samantha manage to escape and take a boat back to the mainland.


As seen on page one, this issue is Story#C-20.


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