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Synopsis for "Havok on the High Iron!"

Luke Cage is visiting the grave of Reva Connors because he feels that everyone he gets close to ends up dying in the end. Claire finds Luke at the grave, and the two decide to stay together no matter what. On their way back into the city, they happen upon a new costumed criminal named Steeplejack who is threatening to throw building mogul Maxwell Plumm from a partially constructed building to his death. Luke saves Plumm from a deadly fall, and in the ensuing battle with Steeplejack, Steeplejack manages to escape.

Luke is told by Plumm that Steeplejack is Jake Mallard, a construction worker whose two brothers fell to their deaths working the girders. Mallard blamed Plumm for the accident and vowed revenge. Plumm hires Power Man to protect the building that he is defending. That night, Luke gets into another battle with Steeplejack, which ends in Steeplejack's death when one of the girders he melted gave way and he fell to his death.

Later that night Luke gets a call from Flea calling for help, Luke finds Flea dying in an alley. Before he dies, Flea tells Luke that he was poisoned by a criminal named Cotton Mouth.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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