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Quote1.png You try turnin' me in, punk and I'll be out in 12 hours... And standin' over your corpse in 13. Quote2.png
-- Boss Morgan

Appearing in "How Like a Serpent's Tooth"

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Synopsis for "How Like a Serpent's Tooth"

Continued from last issue... Caught in the act of stealing heroin for Cottonmouth, Power Man finds himself in a fight with rival heroin dealer Morgan and his men. After beating his men, Luke manages to get away with the heroin by holding Morgan hostage so his other men cannot counterstrike against him. Dropped off in a random neighborhood, Luke keeps Morgan at gun point long enough to get away from his men, and get away with the heroin.

While at the clinic, Claire tells Noah that she's leaving for a few days but doesn't tell Noah where she's going. Back at Cottonmouth's lair, Luke turns over the heroin. However, as Cottonmouth and his men marvel over Luke's victory, Luke turns the tables and attacks them all. During the fight, Mr. Slick is smashed out a window and falls to his death. When Luke battles Cottonmouth one-on-one, he demands that Cottonmouth turn over records that might prove his innocence. Laughing Cottonmouth tells Luke that he never put anything down on paper, and that Mr. Slick was his living record keeper. Furious that another method of clearing his name has been destroyed, Luke easily beats Cottonmouth, knocking him unconscious by smashing him through his desk. After defeating Cottonmouth, Luke calls the police so they can come and arrest Cottonmouth.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Comments to Cage. Letters are published from Tom Roper, John Wood, David Williams, Ralph Paterma and Emmett Jenkins.

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