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Luke Cage

Appearing in "The Broadway Mayhem of 1974"

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Synopsis for "The Broadway Mayhem of 1974"

Following his battle with the form Power Man (last issue) and an adventure with the Defenders (as depicted in Defenders #17-Defenders #19) Luke returns to the Gem theater to assess the damage done to it. With the theater closed for repairs, D.W. tells Luke that he's going to go on vacation for a while. Luke tells D.W. that he got a letter from Claire that had a full return address in Los Angeles and that he plans on tracking her down.

Going up to his office, Luke is attacked by Stiletto who has a new partner: Discus. Both of whom are trying to capture Luke. Their battle takes them from Luke's office to the streets of New York, where Luke manages to defeat them both. Luke is then confronted by Tyler Stuart, the former warden of Seagate Prison. Tyler informs Luke that Stiletto and Discus are his sons, and Luke allows Tyler to take them away on his own, because Stuart was the only one at Seagate who ever treated him fair.

Later, boarding a bus bound for California, Luke is surprised to fine D.W. on the same bus, wanting to tag along with Luke to find Claire.


  • No letters page is published this issue.

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