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Quote1.png You creeps ain't nuthin' but second-raters next to some of the weirdos I've had to fight-- Quote2.png
Luke Cage

Appearing in "Crime and Circuses"

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Synopsis for "Crime and Circuses"

Continued from last issue... With Power Man and Black Goliath under the power of the Circus of Crime, Claire Temple and D.W. Griffith work together to free them. After a number of failed attempts, Claire manages to knock Luke out of his trance with a blow to the head.

The revived Luke then battles the Circus of Crime, frees Black Goliath from their control and the two heroes make short work of the Ringmaster and his minions. D.W. turns Ringmaster's own mind control hat against him and his cronies, leaving them in a trance like state for the police to round up.

After the battle, Black Goliath concedes that his relationship with Claire is over, and Claire and Luke are reunited and decide to return to New York together.


  • A number of times in this issue Bill Foster is erroneously referred to as Bill Temple.
  • No letters page is published this issue.
  • Although Luigi Gambonno is Italian, he calls Luke "señor" and Claire "señorita", which are Spanish -not Italian- words.

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