Quote1 A vampire! A freakin' Vampire! I finally met one! And the next time I meet 'im. I'm gonna ice him! Quote2
-- Luke Cage

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Synopsis for "The Night Shocker!"

After a rash of "vampire killings" that have hit the area, Luke Cage finds himself attacked by a supposed vampire. Fighting off the creature, it leaves him a message in blood telling Luke to stop him before he kills again, he signs the note Janus Trevarkian.

When Luke tracks down Trevarkian's home, he finds a coffin and various occult items located inside. He decides to seek the aid of R. Lambert Martinson, who tells him how to kill a vampire. After interviewing people around town, Luke is once more attacked by the Night Shocker.

The Night Shocker however turns out to be Martinson himself, who is the lover of Janus' landlord. The two have conspired to kill Janus for money owed to them by having Martinson (disguised as Janus) attack people dressed like a vampire. They then hoped to "attack" the landlord, and have Luke kill the real Janus.

However, Luke sees through this ploy and busts both Martinson and his partner in crime.


  • This story was inspired by Kolchak the Night Stalker television series, which also had a number of made-for-TV movies based upon it. The series featured Carl Kolchak, a reporter (played by Darren McGavin) who would often get involved solving mysteries of a supernatural bent. This was a script that Steve Englehart prepared for the series.
  • This issue is "Dedicated to Jef Rice, Mickey Spillane, and Mike Ploog.
  • There is no letters page in this issue.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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