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-- Luke Cage

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Synopsis for "The Man Who Killed Jiminy Cricket!"

Hired by the Adonis Chemical Company to find out who has been leaking information, Power Man tracks employee Harry Wentworth, the leak, to the a rooftop where he meets Wentworth's contact, the criminal known as "Cockroach" Hamilton. With Luke's arrival, Wentworth is killed by a blast of Hamilton's shotgun, "Josh", and Luke is blasted also, dislocating his shoulder. This allows Hamilton to escape, and Luke is held up when he is questioned by Detective Quentin Chase, who becomes curious about Luke's identity.

After checking in with D.W. (and learning that his rent had been raised) and visiting the clinic to have his arm join popped back in place, Luke visits his employers at Adonish Chemicals. He's fired after failing to do his job, but Luke decides to prevent Cockroach from stealing a shipment of experimental gas which could prove deadly, and promptly knocks out the owner of Adonis Chemicals when he expresses a high amount of apathy over the situation.

Confronting Cockroach at the loading docks, Luke is knocked out by gas fired from his shotgun. Reviving, Luke finds himself tied to the underside of a draw bridge, with a boat approaching threatening to tear him in two.


  • This is the first issue in which Luke Cage has issue getting a beverage out of the vending machine in the Gem theater, this becomes a running gag that runs through the remainder of this series.
  • The continuation of this story was postponed until Power Man #30. The next issue is a fill-in story.
  • No letters page is published this month.


  • Showing this month at the Gem Theater: The Left-Handed Gun.

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