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Quote1.png "Josh",, you'd better speak to the man... Let him know this time he's buying the farm for sure! Quote2.png
"Cockroach" Hamilton

Appearing in "Look What They've Done To Our Lives, Ma!"

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  • "Cockroach" Hamilton's Custom Six Barrel Shotgun ("Josh")

Synopsis for "Look What They've Done To Our Lives, Ma!"

Story continued from Power Man #28.... Tied to the bottom of a draw bridge, Luke manages to break free before an approaching boat causes the bridge to rip him in half, although this doesn't prevent Luke from plunging through the boat itself as it passes by under him.

While elsewhere, Cockroach Hamilton meets up with his employer Piranha Jones to figure out new plans to steal the experimental chemical that Adonis Chemicals plans on shipping. While Luke returns to the Gem where he is visited by the owner of Adonis Chemicals and his lawyer who advise Luke that they are planning on filing a lawsuit for Luke's "assault" on the owner the day before. Luke ejects them from his apartment, and then deals with Detective Chase who has come by asking to see Luke's social security card.

When Jones and Hamilton make their attack on the truck shipping the chemical across the city, Power Man is there to stop them. However during the fight the canister is cracked and threatens to release it's contents on an unsuspecting city.

This story is continued in the next issue...


  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#JV-129.

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