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Quote1.png Roach, don't let that weapon fool you into thinking you're a real man. You'd be wrong. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Over the Years They Murdered the Stars"

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  • "Josh" (Coackroach Hamilton's custom shotgum) (Destroyed)

Synopsis for "Over the Years They Murdered the Stars"

Continued from last issue... As Luke Cage continues to fight Piranha Jones and Cockroach Hamilton, the canister of gas they sought to steal is cracked and threatens to release it's deadly contents on an unsuspecting city. However, the intervention of Detective Chase gives Luke the chance he needs to contain the gas within the container, and try to stop it by hitting it as hard as he can, causing it to explode. Luke shields the blast with his body, which stuns him enough for Cockroach to knock Luke out and Piranha and his men to take Luke away as their prisoner.

Taken to Piranha's hideout, they offer Luke a chance to join their organization, when Luke refuses they decide to toss him into a pool of water in a hidden floor of Piranah's base. However, at the last minute Luke reaches out and destroys Cockroach's shot gun, and when Piranha knock's Luke into the water, Cockroach seals the two of them in. Piranha Jones proves to be no match for Luke who easily knocks him out, but when Luke busts out, he saves Piranha's life as well, and leaves him behind for the police to collect.


  • Due to a change in artists, the huge gas cylinder from last issue is now reduced to one "not quiet bigger than a breadbox". These facts are reviewed and discussed in the letters page.
  • The letters page, Comments to Cage, also features letters from Richard Guion, and T.E. Pouncey.


  • This week showing at the Gem Theater: "Bite the Bullet".

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