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Luke Cage

Appearing in "Death, Taxes, and Springtime Vendettas"

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Synopsis for "Death, Taxes, and Springtime Vendettas"

As Luke Cage begins to start his day he is attacked by a hirsute man named the Mangler. After a brief battle, and interventions made by the Spear, the Mangler manages to escape into the subway. Luke returns to the Gem where he finds D.W. and Detective Chase waiting for him, Luke deflects many of Chase's questions about Luke's activities and the type of characters he attracts. He then checks in with the Simmons family once more, where Alex Simmons tells Luke that his daughter still blames herself for young Auggie's death.

Tailing Noah to find his connection to the Spear, Luke finds himself attacked by the Mangler once more while Noah is attacked by the Spear. Luke knocks out the Mangler, and manages to chase off the Spear. However, when Luke tries to get Noah to tell him who the Mangler is, Noah just leaves without answering.

Returning to his office, Luke is soon visited by Oliver P. Sneagle from the IRS, who is interested in why Luke hasn't filed his income tax returns for the past two years. Later that night, Luke decides to check on Noah at the clinic, there he finds an impaled effigy of Noah with a note instructing Noah to meet the Spear at the harbor, for the safety of his friends. However, as Luke rushes to be there for his friend, Noah meets with the Spear, who shoots one of his trademark weapons through Noah's lower body.

This story is continued next issue...


  • 30-cent variant editions of this issue exist.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Comments to Cage. Letters are published from Derrick Bostrom, Brian Nelson, Bill Sherman, and Adam Rosnekranz.
  • In this issue, IRS agent Oliver Sneagle reports that Luke Cage has not paid his income tax for the "past two years". This saga will eventually lead Cage to relocate to Chicago.

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