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Quote1.png ... My memories of my days as a prisoner at Seagate haunt me... Quote2.png
Luke Cage

Appearing in "Of Memories, Both Vicious and Haunting!"

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Synopsis for "Of Memories, Both Vicious and Haunting!"

Continued from last issue... Arriving at the scene too late, Luke learns that the Spear managed to make his meeting with Noah in which Noah was impaled through the spin with one of his spears. Later when questioning the Mangler, the Mangler manages to escape custody. Luke goes after him, and manages to defeat him this time, in spite of interference made by the Spear.

Deciding to learn more, Cage and Detective Chase visit Noah in the hospital where Noah explains the whole story. He tells them how the Mangler and Spear are members of the Daniel's family. Their eldest son Jack was a convict with an inoperable brain tumor who Noah offered a chance with an earlier version of the process that gave Power Man his abilities. However, this experiment turned out fatal, and when Jack's surviving brothers learned of Noah's involvement decided to get revenge on him.

When the Daniel's mother arrives at the police station, she gives Chase and Cage the address of her son. When the two try to apprehend the Spear, the Spear puts them on a chase across the city, trying to elude them by hopping onto the roof of a bus. However, Luke gets on board, and the two duke it out until the bus crashes into the harbor. Luke manages to knock out the Spear and turn him over to the police, but not before giving Chase a good dunk into the water for doubting him.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Comments to Cage. Letters are published from Ann Nichols, Doug Tonks and Larry Twiss. A "sign off" is also given by writer Don McGregor.

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