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Luke Cage

Appearing in "Big Brother Wants You...Dead!"

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Synopsis for "Big Brother Wants You...Dead!"

Continued from last issue... In an effort to kill Luke Cage, the new Chemistro has turned the pavement under Luke's feet into quicksand. However, Luke sinks through into the subway beneath and manages to escape from his foe, however his escape is monitored by Cheshire Cat and other operatives of Big Brother.

Returning to the Gem theater, where he is reminded by Dave that his floor was destroyed by Chemistro's previous attack, Luke goes to visit Curtis Carr's residence to confirm that Arch Morton is the new Chemistro. On his way out, he is attacked by Chemistro. When Luke defeats Chemistro, Chemistro tells him he's protected by Big Brother.

Later as Claire chews Luke out at the clinic over what sort of life they're supposed to have with his chosen profession, Luke is once more visited by IRS man Oliver P. Sneagle, who has come once more to harass Luke about his overdue tax filings. Luke later decides to take the fight right to Big Brother himself, breaking into his hideout and fighting through his goons. Breaking into Big Brother's inner sanctum, he is shocked to find that Big Brother is a cyborg.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Comments to Cage. Letters are published from Dave LaSalle, Katherine Sanders, and John Ferlin.
  • The movie Shane is still showing at the Gem Theatre. It has been shown earlier in (including this series). Its dialogue sometimes has served as inspiration and reflection to Cage.

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