Quote1.png Calm down, Lucas. You'll wake up the patients in the next ward. Quote2.png
-- Noah Burstein

Appearing in "Rush Hour to Limbo!"

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Synopsis for "Rush Hour to Limbo!"

Continued from last issue... Luke Cage has rushed back to the base of Big Brother in the hopes of stopping him from initiating his plans of destroying the city. However, he finds the base to be deserted. When taking a cab back to the hospital, Luke is attacked by Big Brother, who -- in a high tech helicopter -- tries to drop the taxi into the water. Luke manages to escape and save the cabbie from drowning.

At the hospital, Luke visits Noah and Claire, when their room is filled with knock out gas. Luke wakes up to find himself strapped to a train headed on a broken track into the water. Luke manages to break free and board Big Brother's helicopter. Breaking it apart and causing it to crash. Luke manages to get to safety, but Big Brother and Cheshire Cat are seemingly slain in the crash.


Continuity Notes

  • Noah Burstein is shown as still being in the hospital in this issue. This contradicts the narrative of the previous issue where it was stated that he had returned to his home as he was not injured enough to warrant another month under the watchful eye of the head nurse.

Publication Notes

  • This issue features a letters page, Comments to Cage. Letters are published from Bruce Canwell, Mike Christiansen, Fred G. Hembeck, and Richardo DiCecco.

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