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Quote1.png Two Grand? Smith, you just bought yourself a super hero. Quote2.png
Luke Cage

Appearing in "Thunderbolt and Goldbug!"

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  • Godlbug's Gold Dust Gun


  • Goldbug's Golden Air-Craft

Synopsis for "Thunderbolt and Goldbug!"

With Noah finally out of the hospital, Claire and Luke decide to go out on a date. Meanwhile, a new costumed hero named Thunderbolt has appeared on the New York scene, using his super-speed to round up a group of criminals.

The next day, Luke is visited by Jack Smith of Shanks Armored Car businesses, he has come to hire Luke because their gold shipment to Washington has been marked as a target by the costumed criminal known as Goldbug. As Luke protects the unmarked van to it's location when Thunderbolt arrives, also hoping to protect the gold shipment. Both are unaware that Smith is really Goldbug, and is also tracking the gold shipment in his goldbug-craft, hoping to steal the gold.

With a misunderstanding between the two heroes (wherein Luke believes that Thunderbolt is trying to steal the gold), Goldbug steals the gold as the two heroes fight it out. When they realize what's happening it's too late and Goldbug escapes with the gold. Deciding to work together, the two heroes return to Luke's office to find Smith waiting there with an army of police accusing them of stealing the gold.

This story is continued next issue....

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