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Quote1.png Cage, I will say this once. I am not your "moma". Sweet or otherwise. DIG? Quote2.png
Misty Knight

Appearing in "Seagate Is a Lonely Place to Die!"

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Synopsis for "Seagate Is a Lonely Place to Die!"

Power Man tells Iron Fist, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing why he had attacked them: That Bushmaster had captured his friends Claire Temple and Noah Burstein in order to force Power Man into working for him. To sweeten Power Man's deal, if he brought Misty Knight to Bushmaster he would also give him photographic proof that Luke was framed for cocaine possession.

Agreeing to help Luke save his friends and collect the evidence, Misty leads them all to Bushmaster's base of operations: Seagate prison, where Luke used to serve time. Misty and Iron Fist find Claire, but they cannot find Noah. When they meet up with Power Man, they check the lower parts of the prison, where Iron Fist takes out Shades and Commanche.

In one of the rooms they find that the machine which gave Luke his powers has been reactivated and operated by Noah, who has just finished giving Bushman powers that are stronger than Luke's own. As Iron Fist clears Noah out of the room, Luke spots some live wires and some water leaking into the room and uses them to cause a giant explosion, which only Luke walks away from. After the blast, Misty arrives with Gadget, who turns over the film that proves Luke Cage's innocence. With this in hand, the team returns to the mainland.


  • Final issue under this title, title renamed "Power Man and Iron Fist" starting with next issue.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Comments to Cage. Letters are published from Sam Hays, Robert A. Rusk and Doug Milliken.

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