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Luke Cage

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Synopsis for "Soul Games!"

Continued from last issue... Power Man and Iron Fist are preparing to attack the Rand-Meachum warehouse where Ward Meachum is holding Misty Knight and D.W. Griffith prisoner, despite protests from Jeryn Hogarth. They pause briefly when a package is delivered to Iron Fist. Opening it, he finds the Power Crystal of Quon inside, however upon touching it, Iron Fist is struck down by it's mystic forces and passes out, the crystal then suddenly flies off. While in his coma, Iron Fist recounts the events that led to him becoming Iron Fist: The death of his family by the betraying Harold Meachum, his time in K'un-Lun training to get revenge against Meachum, and his adventures on Earth and eventually joining Power Man in Heroes for Hire.

Reviving, Danny finds that he has been brought to the hospital by Luke, and is being cared for by Claire Temple. They find that Danny is rapidly losing energy and is at risk of death and is in no condition to battle. The crippled Iron Fist refuses to surrender and they decide to continue to push to free Misty and D.W. Leaving the hospital they are met by Harmony Young and Toby, Toby informs them that Ward Meachum has a master, and Iron Fist has a good idea who it is.

At the Rand-Meachum warehouse, the power crystal returns to Master Khan, who tells Ward Meachum that the crystal is leeching away the power of Shao-Lau from Iron Fist, a process that will give him the dragons power, and kill his eternal foe. While at the Gem Theater, Power Man and Iron Fist recruit Colleen Wing, Rafael Scarfe, El Aguila, and Bob Diamond to help them free their friends and save Danny's life. Watching his weakening friend, Luke Cage reflects on how he became Power Man and eventually came to meet and become partners with Iron Fist.

They attack the Rand-Meachum warehouse as a team, and during the scuffle, Misty Knight revives and frees herself and D.W. Griffith from the cells they have been locked into, Misty joins the others in their fight against Master Khan's forces. As D.W. films the action, everyone is surprised when Iron Fist leaps out of his wheelchair and joins the fight, having conserved his strength for the battle. Danny then runs off to face Master Khan on his own, Luke figuring that his partner is going to get himself killed chases after him, but is held back when Shades and Comanche attack him.

Iron Fist also finds opposition in getting to Master Khan when he has to face off against Fera alone. However, as Luke defeats Shades and Comanche, Fera decides without the power of Shao-Lao she has no reason to kill Iron Fist and lets him go. Iron Fist grabs for the Power Crystal of Quon and ends up in a mystical battle with Master Khan. During the fight, Power Man bursts in distracting Khan's attention enough for Fera to steal the Amulet of Shirrair from Khan's possession as it was the only thing keeping her under his control.

Without his full attention being put against stopping Iron Fist, Khan fails in killing his hated foe. Iron Fist, regaining his power and revitalizing himself smashes the Power Crystal, the resulting destruction of the crystal shunts Master Khan back to K'un-Lun. Following the battle, Ward Meachum and his men are all arrested, and Joy Meachum arrives and apologizes for her uncles actions and hopes that the Rand-Meachum feud can finally be put to rest. With everything wrapped up, Luke offers to take every out for pizza.

Solicit Synopsis

Special, double-length, One-Hundredth Anniversary Issue! Featuring the secret origin of K'un L'un and all the major characters from our protagonists' careers!


  • This issue contains a letters page, Power/Fistfuls. Letters are published from Alicia Wu, Michael D. Welch, Greg Nichols, Christopher Flaherty, Michael Kanterovich, Dennis K. Catucci, Bobby Wayne, and Jay Elliot, Jr..

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