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Synopsis for "Who Is Captain Hero...?"

Solicit "Who Is Captain Hero?" That's what Luke and Danny have to find out — because this erratic new super hero wants to join Heroes For Hire!

Luke is attacked by a man in a colorful costume who calls himself Captain Hero. As he battles Cage, he demands that Luke make him his "partner". Luke refuses and Captain Hero eventually knocks Luke through a building which falls on top of him. Luke recovers but swears revenge.

Cage is soon approached by Dr. West who tells him Captain Hero is actually a small child who was exposed to alien radiation and gained great power.

Having no luck with Cage, Captain Hero approaches his other partner Iron Fist and battles him. Iron Fist tries to dodge, distract, and de-escalate Captain Power. Cage also hears of the battle and arrives on the scene. Luke does arrive too late as Danny finally decides to use the power of the Iron Fist to stop Captain Hero. His blow lands just as Cage enters the room and tries to stop him. Government officials take the unconscious Captain Hero to Project Pegasus for help. Dr. West tells Cage and Iron Fist that the radiation that the young child was exposed to will soon kill him.


  • This issue features a letters page, Power/Fistfuls. Letters are published from Duane Tremaine, Costa Tsiokos, Carl Henderson, Ted Crunden, and Nathan Pruett.


  • Although "Captain Hero" is later revealed to be the Super Skrull, it is never revealed how he developed the powers of intangibility that he displayed this issue.

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