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Quote1 I mean, who do you think you are, anyway… Bruce Lee…? Quote2
Michael O'Bryan

Appearing in "The Promise"

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Synopsis for "The Promise"

At Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S., two guards are wondering about a sudden power failure before encountering the corpse of one of their fellow guardsmen. Before they have time to sufficiently react, the slain guardsman becomes reanimated and attacks them with an physical appearance that suggests some sinister underlying cause.

Topside, Iron Fist and Falcon are discussing obtaining their security clearance to a skeptical Michael O'Bryan before Nick Fury suddenly appears on screen and demands their clearance be granted. Falcon flies off and into a tunnel and encounters a dazed Bobby Wright seemingly under control of Bres and experiences disturbing visions before recovering. Danny visits Bobby in his room and experiences a similar dazed Bobby while Falcon sees Michael suiting up in his Guardsman outfit in response to an alarm which they go investigate together.

Solarr is wandering the hallways of the facility and is soon attacked by the guard that killed the previous guardsmen. He tries to ensure its destruction but is himself attacked and seemingly killed. Guardsman finds his body but suddenly begins himself experience hallucinations like Falcon had previously experienced. Danny encounters a desperate Redwing in Bobby's room and follows him where he finds a disoriented Falcon in front of the captive Bres. He is suddenly attacked by a mind-controlled Guardsman and disables him before realizing that he is actually O'Bryan.

Bres suddenly comes to life and easily removes his restraints, having feigned his captive state. He attempts to overcome Iron Fist using hallucinations in a similar manner to Falcon and Guardsman but is surprised that he is unaffected by a troubled past and is only able to bind him in place while commanding Bobby to kill him. Bobby seems about to comply before suddenly coming to his senses and turning into Captain Hero and attacking Bres. Bres is able to easily defend himself from the physical onslaught but Iron Fist is able to free himself and use the Iron Fist on Bres, knocking him unconscious. Guardsman tells Captain Hero to go fix the switch in Sector 9 that allowed Bres to break free as they seek to quickly return him to his restraints. Danny receives a call from Power Man and communicates that Bobby was responsible for saving them.

Solicit Synopsis

Captain Hero is taken to Project Pegasus. But when Danny Rand (Iron Fist) goes there, he discovers that someone, or something — is loose and systematically killing everyone in the complex!

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