Quote1 Reach inside yourself and find the death that awaits you. Find it and conquer it... Before it conquers you. Quote2
-- Lei Kung

Appearing in "Daughter Of the Dragon King"

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  • Dragonslayer


Synopsis for "Daughter Of the Dragon King"

Danny's life is saved — but at what cost to his soul?

Trying to rid Iron Fist of his cancer, Lei-Kung has placed him into an altered state. Iron Fist relives some of the major moments in K'un-Lun. Lei Kung also warns Daniel Rand not to go into the water in this state. As the history and several tales of destruction are told are shown, Daniel sees that his actions, such as slaying the Black Dragon, precipitated a great deal of destruction and death. Back in K'un-Lun, Lei-Kung feels Iron Fist's conflicted soul slipping away from him.

At that same moment, the dragon Chiantang attacks the Thunderer. He also casts down Luke Cage and Colleen Wing's unconscious bodies. Lei Kung battles the dragon and also drops Iron Fist' s body. Sensing this battle taking place, and feeling helpless, Danny's subconscious being plunges into the waters of K'un-Lun. His body reanimates and he rises, energized with strange, sinister energy seeping from his eyes. To be Continued!


  • Co-Star Luke Cage only appears in two panels this issue. He is unconscious in both of them.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Power/Fistfuls. Letters are published from John Zilka, George Caragonne, Mark Brett, Scott O'Diemo, Jeff Mitchell, Mary Margaret Vanelli and Richard J. Gulon.

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