Quote1.png ... There's only one way to kill a dragon. Quote2.png
-- Colleen Wing

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Synopsis for "What's Eating Misty...?"

Misty has spent the night with Tyrone King (who is actually Master Khan in disguise). She receives a phone call from her best friend Colleen Wing. She tells Misty that her former boyfriend Danny Rand (Iron Fist) has been stranded in K'un Lun and almost died from his unique cancer. She urges him to talk with him and tell him about her relationship with Tyrone King. Misty becomes upset and breaks a mirror. Tyrone asks her if anything is wrong. The two part in opposite directions.

King goes to a diner and notices a robbery. King investigates and the robbers have taken hostages. After a brief negotiation, King shoots the robbers in the legs and returns to the diner to his meal. Luke Cage approaches King and tells him that he does not approve of him shooting the robbers nor seeing his partner, Iron Fist's, girlfriend. Cage also notes that Misty is presently in a fragile state. King ignores Cage and leaves.

Misty goes to Iron Fist's apartment where his friend Maxine has been taking a shower. Maxine enters the living room from the shower shortly after Misty enters and there is a very awkward moment. The silence is broken as the dragon Chiantang crashes through the wall. He has gassed Colleen Wing and Cage and they are unconscious. He again challenges Iron Fist to battle. He quickly gasses Iron Fist and carries off both Cage and Iron Fist.

Later, Misty, Colleen, and Tyrone Power track down Iron Fist and Power Man's whereabouts to a boat in a New York Harbor. Suddenly, "Luke Cage" approaches. Luke tells Colleen to look under water for Chiangtang and asks Misty to swim to the boat. Tyrone King notes that Cage is speaking differently and that he appears to have forgotten about Misty's bionic powers. King puts a gun to "Cage's" head. He has deduced that this person is actually not the Luke Cage he knows. Chiangtang begins to revert into his true dragon self, but King shoots him in the head before this can take place. Colleen returns and notes "there is only one way to kill a dragon" and she decapitates him with her sword.

Chiangtang had rigged the boat with Iron Fist and Power Man to explode. Misty knows that something is wrong and she gets to Iron Fist and Power Man before the explosion. She and Cage jump clear of the explosion. However, Iron Fist is unconscious and she gives him mouth to mouth recusitation and revives him. The two hold each other and Tyrone King quietly leaves. Later Misty leaves New York on an airplane. She and Iron Fist say good bye as Luke and Colleen look on from a distance.

Solicit Synopsis

Misty's feelings about Danny become bitterly entangled in an emotional web that threatens to ruin her life! Meanwhile, Power Man and Iron Fist find themselves in the ultimate peril when they confront the brother of the Dragon King in "What's Eating Misty?"


There is much confusion in this issue for the average reader:

  • Iron Fist is the H'Ylthri (not his true self)
  • Luke Cage is impersonated by Chiantang
  • Tyrone King, a character that appears in months of this title's continuity, is actually Master Khan

Iron Fist and King's duplicity is not revealed completely until Namor the Sub-Mariner #25.

  • This issue contains a letters page, Power/Fistfuls. Letters are published from Ric Douglas, Chris Billoter, John Rajapakse, John Poe, Mike Slark, Chris Henderson & Friends, Billy Fish, and Robert D. lhinder.

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