Quote1 I am no longer worthy to wear the colors of a warrior of K'un-Lun. Quote2
-- Iron Fist

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Synopsis for "Crossfire"

Danny seeks the secret of the Dragon's Tale. The only one who can tell him is the fabled Old Master— a man marked for murder by a band of merciless ninjas sent by the evil Yellow Claw!


  • This issue features a letters page, Power/Fistfuls. Much comment is made to the announcement that this title is being cancelled. Letters are published from Gene M. Brad Peters, Marcus Tonti, Ming Tan, Dren McDonald, Benoit Readman, Robin Hemperly, Dean Carrico, Dwayne Keller, Rhamine Remero, Steve Leger, C.L=K. Tham, and Rob Burke.
  • After his adventure and a conversation with Gordy (who is impersonating the Yellow Claw) this issue, Iron Fist feels worthy again to wear the green costume of K'un Lun. He will discard the red attire he has worn for several months.


  • Showing this month at the Gem Theater: High Noon.

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