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Iron Fist
Luke-- The weakest spot ... Eight centimeters above the waist. Hit it with all you got!
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Luke Cage
"Eight Centimeters?!" What a time for a lesson in the metric system!
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Appearing in "Death-Plunge!"

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Synopsis for "Death-Plunge!"

Continued from last issue... Trapped in a car thrown into a river, Power Man revives and saves Misty's life. They then go to the location where Rossum kept his robots to find the place has been abandoned. They are joined shortly by Iron Fist, and Misty passes out due to her injuries.

Iron Fist and Power Man manage to track down Nightshade to her headquarters where they have her entire army of robots unleashed against them. The two heroes manage to destroy all the robots. When Nightshade uses a light weapon to temporary blind the two heroes, Power Man finds his vision coming back and sees that Nightshade has been knocked out.

Iron Fist explains that in K'un-Lun, they were trained to fight with all their senses, so when Nightshade blinded him he used his other senses to incapacitate her.


  • Plot by Claremont, script by Hannigan.
  • Letters (story pages): Saladino (uncredited) page 1, Simek pages 2-17.
  • No letters page is published this issue. In its place is a full page ad for The Hulk Magazine.

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