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Luke Cage

Appearing in "The Terrorist Manifesto!"

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Synopsis for "The Terrorist Manifesto!"

Continued from last issue... Iron Fist, Power Man, Misty Knight, and Colleen Wing have taken Alan Cavanaugh to the police station with Lt. Scarfe. There Misty airs her suspicion that Alan is the "Manhattan Bomber" because of Cavenaugh's past ties with the IRA. Scarfe and the others believe that there is no grounds to believe that Alan is the bomber, but Rafael decides to keep him in custody just in case. The others depart to investigate the truth the next day.

The next day at Heroes for Hire Inc, Power Man and Iron Fist are visited by the ambassador to Halwan, who offers them $1000 to determine who the bomber was as he was the intended target. Going to a Halwani themed restaurant, Power Man and Iron Fist use their ties to the ambassador to get a seat. There they are confronted by two employees of the restaurant who tell of the social injustices done by the Halwani government to it's people, and their hiring of Power Man and Iron Fist is being spun to show support for their regime by US super-humans. Since Iron Fist previously assisted the Halwani princess, Azir, Iron Fist decides to pay her a visit to see what he can do about things.

As Power Man returns to the Gem theater, he is followed by Misty Knight who hopes to determine to prove that Alan is responsible for the bombing. Power Man soon finds that Alan has been bailed out and decides to take Alan out while he checks with his street connections to see if he can find anything out about who's making the bombs. While Iron Fist sneaks into the Halwani embassy to learn about their treatment of their people, he is attacked by Azir's guards.

Power Man and Alan learn that the bombs were being made by Gadget, and when they confront the owners of the restaurant what they did with the bomb, they tell them that it was planted within the embassy. Rushing the the embassy (with Misty secretly in tow) They arrive and lend Iron Fist a hand, Alan is saved from being shot after a last minute decision by Misty to save his life. Alan locates the vase which contains the bomb and tosses it out a window and it goes off outside.

Three days later after everything clears up, Danny bids farewell to Alan who's leaving to join the peace corps. Misty meets up with Danny and the two make up after she apologizes for her behavior towards Alan days earlier.


  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#LG-581.
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