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Quote1.png Well, when the meat wagon comes to pick up what's left of you -- tell'em it was Man Mountain Marko who stomped you into the floor!! Quote2.png
Man Mountain Marko

Appearing in "Who's Been Sleeping in My Grave?"

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Synopsis for "Who's Been Sleeping in My Grave?"

In his private office at the Gem theater, Power Man is on the phone with his colleague Danny Rand when suddenly a wounded Big Ben Donovan crashes into the room. He is followed behind with Maggia goons with guns a blazing. Power Man manages to fight them off, but when Man Mountain Marko arrives, the power house manages to knock Power Man out when their fight exposes live electrical wires which Marko uses to knock out Power Man.

Having heard the mele on the phone, Danny arrives as Iron Fist, but is stopped by Thunderbolt who had been tracking Donovan (and his connection to his brothers murder) and believing that Iron Fist is a part of the Maggia engages him in battle. After a brief battle, they both realize that they're both allies of Power Man, and decide to work together.

Meanwhile, Power Man and Donovan have been taken to Caesar Cicero, who wants Donovan to reveals the location of stolen drugs and is preparing Power Man to be buried alive. While at the same time, Iron Fist and Thunderbolt begin trying to connect the series of events that led to Luke's capture. Thunderbolt reveals that he has traced his brothers assassination to Donovan and the Maggia. He also confides in Iron Fist that he must find his brothers killers soon, because his super-speed powers are rapidly aging him and that he will soon die of old age.

This story is continued next issue...


  • This issue features a letters page, Power/Fistfuls. Letters are published from Allen Robinson, Mark Thomas Passmore, Kenneth L. Schroder, David Dennis and Kurt S. Olsson.
  • The letters page also reveals that Dave Cockrum designed the costume of El Aguila.


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